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Huffington Post covers Real Time Farms

A nice nod to Karl Rosaen and his team as the Huffington Post does an article about Real Time Farms.

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250,000 farmers have committed suicide and chemical-intensive methods have devastated the land (in India)

This story should be factored into the Five Commons report as a reference somewhere.

Basically, it shows the problems with where the "green revolution" is at now in India.

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Wisconsin legislation and microbreweries

An article about Wisconsin passing legislation affecting microbreweries by making them half to go through distributors. The government says this is to protect them, while the brewers say it's nothing but that. Interesting example of how complicated this sort of thing can get.

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Food prices to double by 2030, says Oxfam

Unhappy news, from Oxfam:

"The world's poorest people, who spend up to 80% of their income of food, will be hit hardest according to the charity. It said the world is entering an era of permanent food crisis, which is likely to be accompanied by political unrest and will require radical reform of the international food system."

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Can the planet support ten billion people? (1 of 2)

The NY Times asked for six opinions on the future of the planet and population growth.

Jamais Cascio is the main point of interest here, but the other five are worth discussing.

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Statistics re: the state of the middle class

The article offers thirty-six ways life is getting harder for the Middle Class. This is the sort of thing I think we can start checking on via the 5CR (are these numbers really legit?) while also giving us more on which to base our own insights.

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Charles Fishman's 'The Big Thirst' (water in the 21st century)

A new book on the future of water use in the 21st century. The interview here covers the basics (water really isn't free, etc). I suspect he's more optimistic about market solutions than reality warrants, but his examples are worth following up on:

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