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Michigan economy, emergency managers, and artists in Detroit

Three recent articles about Michigan and Detroit:

1) Global Michigan is a program designed to attract high-skilled immigrant workers to the state.

2) An article suggesting there may be fewer emergency managers than expected:

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News from Michigan (citizens and renewal / Jackson mayor asks for a financial review)

Interesting stuff close to home:

1) An editorial arguing the Detroit's citizens should have a larger say in renewal efforts.

2) And Jackson's mayor tries to call in a financial review against the wishes of the city council. The state denied the request. Have to wonder if there might be a 'real story' behind this.

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Detroit may have 47% illiteracy rate, but what does that mean?

So here's an excellent example of the sort of thing that we need to get better at questioning as part of the Five Commons Report. A study puts out the figure that 47% of Detroiters are 'functionally illiterate.'

Not a good finding by any reckoning, but it raises two questions: the obvious one being how trustworthy are the data supporting that claim?

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Downtown Detroit's second act

Population statistics graphically represented, with a special mention of Detroit that shows the surge of population in the downtown area (though, admittedly, surrounded by plenty of red too).

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Entrepreneurship and a startup culture in Ann Arbor

An evaluation of Ann Arbor from a VC and entrepreneurship perspective. Interesting stuff, particularly his comment that A2 and UM haven't really created that startup culture but are very close, and it wouldn't take much to generate one.

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Brighter prospects for Detroit and Michigan?

Probably shouldn't put much weight on either of these, but here are two positive things being said about Detroit and the Michigan economy:

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Vision: Urban Gardening and Green Economy Flourish in Detroit | | AlterNet

This article contains quite a few references to groups worth connecting with in Detroit in the coming year.

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Detroit population down to 1910 levels


The Freep notes that Detroit's population is down to 713,777, which puts it back to roughly 1910. Which means the city's population is equivalent to what it was BEFORE the auto industry (and that may take a while to get one's head around).

Reactions are likely to be very negative to this in the MSM, but there are opportunities amid the downsides.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates on Detroit and white flight

Atlantic columnist Ta-Nenisi Coates challenges some assumptions about the history of white flight in Detroit. Along the way, he recommends Thomas Sugrue's The Origins Of The Urban Crisis and 'Robert Conot's problematic American Odyssey.' Coates argues that migration began in the 1940s, and not for the reasons we usually suspect:

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