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Data Browser Shows Views In Pakistan's Tribal Regions | Development Seed

Developmentseed, arguably one of the very best innovators in the Drupal community, is appearing to move away from Drupal and into the following technologies:

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25 resources for data visualization and infographics

A handy collection of approaches to visualization and infographics. This should be useful for times when we're looking for new ways to present datasets.

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Map of the World Drawn Entirely Using Facebook Connections | Geekosystem

Maybe you saw some references today to ?

An interesting tidbit:

Note the lack of definition in China and Russia, and the relative hole in Brazil. As we explained in a recent post, these countries are among the world’s last holdouts in having dominant social networking sites other than Facebook. (QZone, VKontakte, and Orkut, respectively.)

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Mike Love Data Visualization

Perhaps you are familiar with Mike Love? He has some really awesome work at

Ducts Architecture


input registry

permissions model

persistent data storage model (frequency, type, admin, etc.)

database options

parsers, APIs, middleware(s)

output registry


We'll need to modify this:

also see here:

Prezi Walkthrough

Computational Legal Studies

This is the work being done at CSCS UMich by Michael Bommarito and Dan Katz. This is really good stuff and worth keeping an eye on.

I've known these guys for years.


I installed and successfully tested iGraph, a python library for making network graphs. Since Flash has a network node limitation of something like 16000 nodes, it would be good for us to know how to use other tools for bigger graphs.

iGraph was used to make this cool network from another culturing post:

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Web usage data outline map of knowledge : Nature News

Sent via email by Paul B Hartzog

When users click from one page to another while looking through online scientific journals, they generate a chain of connections between things they think belong together. Now a billion such 'clickstream events' have been analysed by researchers to map these connections on a grand scale.

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