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From Demographics to Psychographics

Oh, joy. With demographics proving to have decreasing value as a marketing tool, here's a new concept to replace it: psychographics:

"Psychographics provide much more useful information about users. There are multiple data sources making this possible today. Social profile data, behavioral data and customer lifecycle data can now finally be leveraged to contact people who are ready to buy."

What a relief!

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Business 'using' social media misses the point

Some good points made in this article about business 'using' social media, and what they really should be doing:

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Internet companies and internet freedom

Your Twitter name could run afoul of a trademark dispute. And if it does, don't expect prior warning from Twitter.

Fortunately, this example had a happy ending, but it might not have.

Just another reminder of what we own and what we don't.


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A waning of captalist ideology?

This article has been circulating around the past couple of days, but I have yet to see anyone comment on the fast one The Economist is pulling in relation to how it's framed:

"RISING debt and lost output are the common measures of the cost of the financial crisis. But a new global opinion poll shows another, perhaps more serious form of damage: falling public support for capitalism. This is most marked in the country that used to epitomise free enterprise...."

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Executive pay soars in 2010

Some truly breathtaking numbers in this article from the NYT. The executives of the top 200 companies are doing just fine, thanks. In fact, some of them are pulling in more now than they were four years ago.

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Twilight for lawyers' billable hours?

NYT article suggesting the billable hour may be facing a more restricted future, thanks to the downsizing economy. Sounds like the people being discussed here are those who billed at excessive rates, but it's probably something worth noting.

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Higher wages, pay cuts, and motivation

In an article that will probably be welcomed on Wall Street, Ray Fisman cites studies suggesting raises may not be the motivators we assume they are, though he also notes the very bad effects pay cuts have. Not surprisingly, the comments cast doubts on the studies Fisman cites, suggesting other studies have found very different results.

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Betty Boop in copyright and trademark

Not sure what to make of this story--if it really has this potential, why is it not popping up in more places? But perhaps it will end up mattering as much as David Gerstein suggests:

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CEO's and the presidency

A pair of challenges, by Salon's Andrew Leonard and The American Prospect's Jamelle Bouie, to the perennial claim that experience as a corporate CEO is the best kind of preparation for the Oval Office.


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Why so much BS in the corporate world?

I wouldn't DREAM of commenting about this: :)

When asked by a reader, "Why does the corporate world use language so inefficiently? Why turn a simple thing like "talking to a client about their needs" into a five-step process (distinguished, no doubt, by an acronym)?"

Tyler Cowen speculates:

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