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Recent articles about the Berkman Center's Digital Public Library of America

Three articles looking at the DPLA from different perspectives

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Google shuts down their newspaper project

Fortunately, it seems they'll keep what's up there still available, but then that may also only be "for now." Who can say for sure otherwise?

There were probably only the best of intentions involved here, but this would be another example of how the mission of long-term digital preservation is unlikely to mesh well with corporate bottom lines.

So where should our cultural heritage be going instead?

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Radio Shack belatedly remembers the DIY/hacker market

Would have been nice if they'd tried this ten years ago, when it might have made a difference.

Or better, maybe their corporate executives, accountants, or whoever should never have tried 'fixing' their bottom line in the first place. Now, in a time when the net can provide electronics parts at better than competitive prices, this appeal looks like far too little coming far too late.

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News from this year's Book Expo of America

The BEA is the big book trade convention held each year, usually in Chicago. And it looks like ebooks are getting most attention.

Meanwhile, speculation is going nuts about the purchase of B&N, which might result in an earlier shake-up for the bricks-and-mortar part of the business.

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Hathitrust takes on the orphan works problem

This could turn out to be a very good thing:

"The University of Michigan Library’s Copyright Office is launching the first serious effort to identify orphan works among the in-copyright holdings of the HathiTrust Digital Library, which is funding the project."

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Optimizing error pages

Some good suggestions here for how to build better and more usability friendly error pages.

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The importance of open access science

A strong article on behalf of open-access science which got a mention on BoingBoing. It starts with the story of biologist Jonathan Eisen, who is trying to foster the reputation of his late father's scientific research by posting it online, but is hampered at every step by the existing, closed world of scientific publishing:

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Seth Godin library piece sparks a debate

Marketer Seth Godin throws up an article about the future of libraries, basically arguing for a new definition that moves away from books as their core, and sparks a debate that includes posts like this one and this one which actually side with him more than one might expect.

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Cisco changes the rules on Flip videos (curation)

Another day, another reminder that if you're trusting your data to a company's servers, the preservation of that data is at the mercy of their business plan--which can change on a dime.

I suppose those FlipShare users should be glad they got even a thirty day notice.

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Higher education as the next bubble

This one's pretty brutal.

The whole thing starts with Peter Thiel, who timed PayPal very well to survive the dot com bubble and anticipated the housing bubble which followed. Now he's convinced higher education will be the next one to pop, and he pulls no punches when explaining why.

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