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Developmentseed, arguably one of the very best innovators in the Drupal community, is appearing to move away from Drupal and into the following technologies:

We built this site on top of Express, a very fast and small server-side JavaScript framework built on Node.js and Connect. For those new to Node.js, it is a low level toolkit designed for writing high performance server-side JavaScript applications. We used MongoDB for the database. The maps were made using OpenLayers, and they are all hosted on, leveraging some of the newer tools we're building like TileLive, which Tom blogged about last week.

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Diaspora uses mongodb too,

Diaspora uses mongodb too, btw

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The comment from Dev seed in

The comment from Dev seed in the articles referenced above also refers to which explains how process-based serving multiple clients happens in technologies like nginx, and Node.js work (as compared to thread-based like traditional Apache, etc). The claim is that a very small server can serve many clients with the process based model. See the slideshare link above

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